Why should you choose Corporate Link Search Group over the hundreds of other staffing firms? Simply put, it’s our people, our philosophy and our ethics that set us apart.

Our People:
With well over 70 years of collective experience, our team knows talent. Our expertise in staffing enables us to understand the unique demands of your positions. Our six recruiters are all equal partners in Corporate Link Search Group and have a vested interest in each and every client’s success. Because of this fact, you can rest assured that you will never experience rookie mistakes or worry about a revolving door of recruiters.

Our Philosophy:
Corporate Link Search Group’s guiding principle is quite simple: To give our clients unsurpassed customer service while finding the best and brightest talent for their job openings. It is the way we are able to enact this principle that is so unique. Unlike most other recruiting firms, we are not paid on commission. Therefore, we do not have any hidden agendas. So, if it is in your best interest, it is in our best interest. We truly are your partners.

Our Ethics:
We understand that your long-term partnership with Corporate Link Search Group is far more important than a single placement. You can truly think of us as an extension of your Human Resources department. You need a recruiting firm that treats you like a partner, not an adversary. After all, our reputation depends solely on your success!

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